Chris Evans’ mom said his character in The Losers (Jake Jensen) is the most like Chris in real life.

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your icon shows who you are inside


Reason why Chris Evans bucket challenge was the best

-he wore a suit
-he donated to ALS as well
-he wore a suit
-he nominated Anthony
-he wore a suit
-he nominated Sebastian
-he wore a fucking suit

This was so much better than what I expected


Can we talk about how all-in Chris Evans is when he laughs?






i had to take a walk bc of the sound chris evans made after the cold water got poured on him …….. 

"I find that if feels better always being on the chase, as opposed to feeling like you’ve never arrived somewhere. Because arriving somewhere also means kind of an end…If anything you’ve arrived at one point and then it just sort of begins again."

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A  s y m b o l  to the nation; a  h e r o  to the world.

  • chris: mom i'm gonna do the challenge
  • lisa: ok
  • chris: in a suit
  • lisa: what
  • chris: turn on the camera
  • lisa: chris no
  • chris: are you filming
  • lisa: don't
  • chris: i'm doing it
  • lisa: christopher robert evans
  • chris: here we go


don’t listen. it’s exactly what it says it is.